Go to B2B web link: http://pmt.tikaero.com/agent.aspx

Then get the Agency Logon Page:

B2B Step 2: B2B Agency Control creates users (Agent)

Note : * is mandatory field.

Step 4: User sign in at Agent logon page

Search Flight Availability Step 1: Click Search button and select Availability

The page will display as below, then user can select return or one way, origin-destination, flight date from to, the quantity and type of passenger and then click SEARCH button

Step 2: Search result for one way booking show as below. Then select the desired fare user also can search for flight on the date before or after selection date and click NEXT button

Step 3: B2B show the Itinerary and fare quote

Step 2: User can search by booking reference, passenger name or phone number. From the example below fill in the Booking Ref. and click SEARCH button

B2B will show the search result

Step 1: Retrieve the booking and click to see full booking detail .Then click change segment button

Step 2: select the desired date, the screen will show the flight available, then select flight and click NEXT button

Step 2: The screen will show warning message and the red line cross to the selected segment.Click COMPLETE button to confirm delete

Step 3: The itinerary page will show the cancel segments.

Step 2: User can change or edit the contact person, contact telephone number, E-mail address and language and then click Edit Contact Details button again and click COMPLETE button.

Step 3:B2B show complete changed contact details

Step 2: User can select the routing from-to, flight number, sales date from-to, or flight date from-to and then click SEARCH button. (on below example, user just put the sales date from-to)

If user click Save button, the details as shown on screen will be saved on Excel file. User can click at Print Sales Report button to print sales report.

Note: Now Agency Sales Report will show only booking that make payment and create ticket in B2B only. For booking that create without payment or payment and create ticket in tikAERO will not show in this field.